For the 2017 D&AD New Blood Competition, I choose to enter for the MUBI brief. MUBI is a movie streaming service, similar to Netflix, but with a different formula; there is a selection of 30 films, with each day adding a new one and removing the oldest one. Films are selected from around the world, including independent films, and are all decided upon by curators.

The brief for this project was incredibly wide open, allowing for a lot of freedom in which direction to take. After a lot of deliberation and planning, I decided to focus on the types of movies that were shown, playing on the small and carefully selected number of films and the information that was given on each.

This would be split into two parts, both with interactions with the other. The first was a redesign of the mobile app, to bring it more inline with the direction I was taking and so I could add a few new features. The second part was the real-world application for the new features of the app, with billboards that related to movie used as a tagging system to find out more information about a movie when scanned.

Another part of the system was the reenactment of a key part of the film in cities, with realistic recreations of key locations of a film, with the director/producer/actors participating in a short panel for people to ask questions about the film.