Engage Magazine is a magazine that promotes the importance of design, debating the key styles and themes that are used today and in the past. This issue focused on how to gauge the importance of information vs. aesthetic, to create the best weighting that conveys the point in a way that keeps engagement.

This magazine was my first endeavour into publication editorial design; going from beginning to end was a massive learning experience on the type of issues that need to be planned for as the magazine is created, especially when it comes down to the materials you will be using for the final design.

Experimentation was a key part of the magazine, not because my first venture into this sort of design, but also due to the theme I was building on. Everything in the magazine needed to be created in layers, to make sure that it all fit together. The use of translucent and transparent materials created boundaries and elements that completely changed the flow compared to the same pages without such materials.

G.F Smith / Gmund Action – Electric Blood / 430gsm
G.F Smith / Naturalis - Absolute White Matt / 135gsm Tracing Paper

Combined by Hand